Why Most Schools Don't Teach Computer Science

Fiction vs. fact for the most common barriers to computer science in K12

Just three years ago, zero female students took the AP Computer Science exam in 2 states, zero black students took the test in 11 states, and zero Hispanic students took it in 8 states. Distressed (to say the least) by this disparity, we made some calls to ask school leaders what was holding them back from introducing coding to their students. Here's a summary of what they told us and what we have to say.

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Mastering the Art of the Master Schedule

Cross scheduling off the new school year planning list

Avoid the spreadsheets, whiteboards, and sleepless nights in anticipation of fixing errors for students' schedules that didn't quite work out. This Spring, use PowerScheduler to test and implement next year's master schedule.

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Ready for the New PowerSchool?

Get a jump on PowerTeacher Pro's new features

For the past few months, PowerSchool has been promoting literature on its upcoming release of PowerTeacher. You know that "new features" means that teachers will have to master new skills and, in some cases, overcome the baggage of the labor they have put into years of developing routines, work-arounds, and fluency with the existing system. With many schools hitting the home stretch, now is the ideal time to plan your rollout strategy.

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What Edtech Products Really Work?

Use data to buy, try, cancel, and/or renew your digital content

A year ago, we partnered with Learn Trials: a tool to help teachers, administrators, and central office leaders quickly capture product ROI and structured decision making data in an easy to read format. They caught our attention by saving iHub $55k and over 1500 hours in traditional piloting costs!

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Leaders as Learners: Adaptable Content to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Your shortlist for personalized professional learning

Dee Hock, the founder of VISA, famously explained: "If you look to lead, invest 40% of your time in managing yourself". Given all of the demands in your day, how much of your time would you say you spend on your own professional growth? School leaders often tell us they don't have the bandwidth to commit to consistent mentorship or multi-day conferences, so we put together a short summary of our top on-the-fly learning opportunities.
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To date, Real World Scholars has helped launch student-run EdCorps businesses in more than 200 classrooms in 33 states. They provide educators and students with a wide range of supports, from mentorship to digital resources, from technology to startup funding, and beyond. Read on to learn more and bring this resource to your classrooms!

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