Your Step-by-step Guide for Doing Coding With Your Children, Nieces, and Nephews

A how-to for using with your kid(s)

After newsletter 27, I had lots of parents, uncles, grandmothers, etc. asking how they could put a child or family member onto a free coding curriculum for the summer. For everyone's convenience, we created a video and step-by-step tutorial for anyone interested in using with their kid(s) for summer learning, in school or at-home.

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Repost: Why Every CMO Needs an eduCIO

Check out this feature article from MAPSA on our eduCIO program

eduCIO packages the tools that our most successful clients have used in the past 10+ years of planning, launching, and maintaining charter schools, including our infrastructure technology assessment, technology planning process, and strategic work like setting a 1 year plan and 3 year picture, all for a fraction of the cost of finding and hiring the appropriate C-level expertise.

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The Most Important Thing You Never Have Time For

Ready to stop losing your time (and hair) to school reporting requirements?

Think about it, every component of your school’s operations have some form of reporting requirement associated with it. Now that we're on the same page: how do you meet all of these seemingly endless reporting requirements? As the old saying goes, prevention is the best cure.

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Give Me Whole Day One Size Fits All PD... Said NO ONE Ever

Supporting Teaching With Technology, Not The Other Way Around

High quality professional learning that focuses on teaching with technology (and not the other way around) is hard to come by! This is why we've created new Digital Learning packages designed to replicate the experience of working with a coach - PD that's personal, differentiated, and continuous over the course of the year. Every coach is a current and/or former teacher with multiple edtech industry instructional certifications, so true experts have your back at the moment you need it in topics like SMART Boards, Google Apps, and iPads, just to name a few.

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No Dieting! Just Better Looking Student Data

Imagine a World Where Data Reports Look Beautiful & Update Automatically

Our school data dashboards provide beautiful visualizations of the four major areas of school operation: student achievement, student discipline, student demographics, and teacher performance. From our research alongside administrators, we found that those four areas are the core "nutrition" that teachers and administrators need to make informed decisions on a daily basis.

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Inspiring & Empowering Student Learning Through Entrepreneurship

To date, Real World Scholars has helped launch student-run EdCorps businesses in more than 200 classrooms in 33 states. They provide educators and students with a wide range of supports, from mentorship to digital resources, from technology to startup funding, and beyond. Read on to learn more and bring this resource to your classrooms!

“On an annual basis, we sit down with Macro Connect and review what our current and future needs are.  Macro Connect works with us to make sure we are ahead of the curve to properly preserve and protect our data and so that our firm is working efficiently from a technological standpoint.  The annual audit as well as Macro Connect’s response time has been invaluable to our firm.”

Patricia Nemeth, President -- Nemeth Law, P.C.

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