How Teachers Can CAPITALIZE During the Summer

Guest blog post from Teacher Spark's co-founder Joyce Wilson on summer work opportunities for teachers

Whether you're a teacher fighting off boredom or want to use the summer to make some extra cash, Joyce Wilson has you covered. In the Teacher Spark co-founder's guest blog post, she covers all the ways you can use technology and the Internet to capitalize on your summer break. 

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How and Why Every Classroom Should Start Using Video

When choosing video, action beats perfection

Flipped classrooms and blended learning rely heavily on the use of video, and with good reason. Research points out that using videos in these ways gives students greater autonomy to control the pace of their learning and leads to higher engagement, which produce better achievement results than traditional classroom pedagogy. With good reason, well-placed, appropriately short bursts of content give kids a break from the sage on the stage!

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Dropping Beats With Computer Coding

Reflecting back on my 8 weeks of teaching music and Ruby to Detroit's high school students

We struggled to find a great technology & music program that fit into MI curriculum, so we created a composition and coding class utilizing a (free!) software that is popular in the UK called Sonic Pi. In this blog, we check out student work from the 8-week program at Detroit high schools.

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Microsoft's Office 365 for Education Strikes Back

Summer updates to Office 365 for Education

This summer Office 365 Education will be unveiling new functionality worth getting excited about: new grading features, portfolio enhancements, and PLC-style interactivity.

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Using Cisco (Meraki) and iOS? Here's 2 More Reasons to be Excited for the Fall

Updates for Meraki users from the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Last year Cisco and Apple announced their partnership, but little detail as to how it would affect end users. Take a look at what Meraki & Apple have in store for the fall!

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