Avoid the Mouse Trap

Don't wait until online testing starts to find out your students are missing basic computing skills

Last year we worked alongside one of our partners to develop a short series of lesson plans to sharpen elementary school students' motor skills at a computer -- students participate in a series of games that create the computing confidence that eliminates the distraction of trial-and-error computing on test day. Read on to access the testing skills resources!

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Throwback Thursday: Back-to-School Edition

Training videos and popular past blogs to make this your best year yet

In last week's newsletter, we rolled up some of our most popular training blogs and resources from year's past. Edtech topics include (among other things) iPads, Chromebooks, and PowerSchool, oh my!

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Efficiency Hacks for Getting the Most Instructional Time Out of Chromebooks in the Classroom

5 easy ways to simplify classroom Chromebook management

Performing like an elite teacher means preparing like one. Shave minutes off of the logistics of using Chromebooks or Chrome OS devices in the classroom with our short list of teacher hacks.

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Ransomware Can Cost You Much More Than You Think

Tips to avoid paying criminals for your own data

The cost of a Ransomware attack isn’t just financial, depending on what data the hackers get a hold of and the lost productivity/performance during the window where you’re being held hostage. If you are lucky it will be resolved in hours, but it can often be days, even weeks if the infection has spread across the network. Check out our short FAQ with Ransomware tips to protect yourself from the bad guys.

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How Much More Could You Get Done With 50% Fewer Behavior Issues?

Two weeks ago my vocal cords thanked me for trying sound reinforcement. HEAR why and what else makes A/V a big deal for students and teachers.

How can audio/visual platforms change the classroom? In a recent study conducted in a public high school, there was a 58% disparity in discipline issues between VIEWPath classrooms and non-VIEWPath classrooms. A separate study showed a 90% year-to-year difference when VIEWPath was combined with a PBIS system.

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Inspiring & Empowering Student Learning Through Entrepreneurship

To date, Real World Scholars has helped launch student-run EdCorps businesses in more than 200 classrooms in 33 states. They provide educators and students with a wide range of supports, from mentorship to digital resources, from technology to startup funding, and beyond. Read on to learn more and bring this resource to your classrooms!

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