Keep Students on Task With Apple's New Features for Education

Why you should update to iOS 9.3

Back in January, Apple previewed updates to its mobile operating system ("iOS") that created major buzz in education. Originally planned for the end of 2016, we're pleased to share that Christmas came early! Check out our overview of the new features designed specifically for educators teaching with iPads.

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CloudReady: Makes Old Hardware New Again

Break out of the costly hardware refresh cycle with Neverware's CloudReady solution

E-Newsletter, Volume 17: Neverware's CloudReady transforms a Windows or Mac computer into a computer that functions just like a Chromebook. Districts large and small who struggle to afford new hardware can now enjoy faster boot times, longer battery life, and a centralized device management console at a fraction of the cost of new computers. This week, we're proud to announce our partnership with Neverware!

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Detroit: A New Frontier For Common Enrollment

An approach to simplifying the student enrollment process in a high choice environment

Denver and New Orleans were the first major cities in the U.S. to adopt common enrollment: a single application portal with a single deadline that fairly matches students to their school(s) of choice. The results of these implementations have been promising, and Detroit will soon be following suit via an initiative called Enroll Detroit. 

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It's Time to Get Off the Fence About E-Rate

What would you do with an extra $30k?

Around Macro Connect, we affectionately (when we aren’t buried in forms, bids, and equipment lists) refer to the time between October and April as E-Rate Season. This article will provide you with everything you need to know to get the most out of your E-Rate ask, including deadlines, an eligibility overview, and a detailed example of E-Rate eligible savings for a small school district.

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Don't Let Data Deadlines Become March Madness

Avoid MSDS-related Stress

E-Newsletter, Volume 13: The Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) is a repository that contains information regarding students receiving education in the State of Michigan. What's the big deal? The system's head count is the basis for each school's state funding. Consider the following tips from our seasoned School Data team going into your data prep.
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To date, Real World Scholars has helped launch student-run EdCorps businesses in more than 200 classrooms in 33 states. They provide educators and students with a wide range of supports, from mentorship to digital resources, from technology to startup funding, and beyond. Read on to learn more and bring this resource to your classrooms!

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