Should you encourage your staff to get Google Certified?

Google for Education expert John Sowash on the benefits and details of the Google Certification Academy

Author: SuperUser Account/Monday, April 24, 2017/Categories: Education Technology

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Should you encourage your staff to get Google Certified?

Google is a big deal in K-12 schools. Over 20 million Google powered Chromebooks are currently being used in classrooms around the world and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 110 million teachers and students using G Suite for Education.

As your reliance on Google products and hardware increases so does your need for experts who can train teachers and support students. Building internal capacity for training and support is a fiscally responsible and effective way of ensuring that your technology resources are being used to their full potential.

Encouraging your staff members to become Google Certified is a great way to build internal capacity.  

Becoming Google Certified changed my life.

John Sowash, Google Teacher Academy, 2009

I earned my first Google Certification when I attended the Google Teacher Academy in 2009. This one event made a tremendous impact on my life. It opened up new opportunities and connecting me with some amazing people.

Earning a Google certification will force your staff to grow professionally. They will learn new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom and you will be able to identify instructional leaders.

There are 3 Google certifications for educators:

  • Google Educator, Level 1 - ideal for classroom teachers

  • Google Educator, Level 2 - ideal for your teachers who want to take on a leadership role

  • Google Certified Trainer - ideal for instructional technologists media specialist who support classroom technology full time.

All three certification programs are outstanding. Each one focuses on practical use and application of Google products like Gmail, Drive, and YouTube in real classroom settings. Great teachers are lifelong learners. But sometimes, they need an extra push to grow professionally. Challenging them to earn a Google certification might be the push they need!

Google Certification Academy @ Macro Connect

Macro Connect has partnered with John Sowash to host the Google Certification Academy and Google Admin Bootcamp at our offices in Detroit this summer! Register your staff for the Certification Academy and send your IT department to the Admin Bootcamp for top notch training on using G Suite for Education and Chromebooks in the classroom.

gEdu Event Graphic - GCA (1).jpggEdu Event Graphic - GAB.jpg

Getting certified is not easy; It requires a good deal of effort and commitment. Here are some resources to help them get started.

  1. Certification Course - I developed this short 5 lesson email course to help explain the certification process and provide study material. This is a great place to get started.

  2. Certification Guide - A comprehensive look at each certification, the requirements, cost, and details.  

  3. Google Certification Academy - The GCA is a 2-day on-site event that will prepare anyone to take the required certification exams. Events are scheduled around the country.

All three certification programs will challenge your staff to become better teachers and will help your district realize the full potential of G Suite for Education and Chromebooks.

John Sowash is a Google Apps Certified Trainer and Google Certified Teacher who provides training and support for business, schools, and universities. John strongly believes that the Google Apps suite represents the single most innovative, secure, and affordable cloud based productivity tool on the market. Read more about John at his company's website: Sowash Ventures, LLC.

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