Power Through Next Year’s Scheduling With PowerScheduler

Join us for our 5 session coaching series on PowerScheduler!

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Why Learn to Use PowerScheduler?

Scheduling for the next school year can be a difficult and stressful activity for the entire administrative team. Macro Connect’s 5-part PowerScheduler training and coaching series alleviates that stress by guiding you through the step-by-step scheduling process in PowerSchool's PowerScheduler module. Make piles of paper rosters, course lists, sticky notes, and hand created matrices a thing of the past. Instead, leverage PowerScheduler’s ability to create schedules from the data that you already have.

What Will We Cover?*

Session 1: Scheduling 101 & Getting Started in PowerScheduler

Session 2: Setting the Course for Scheduling (developing your course offerings)

Session 3: Who Are The Teachers In Your Neighborhood (creating settings for instructors)?

Session 4: Giving Preferential Treatment (establishing students and their course preferences)

Session 5: Load, Review, and Repeat/Committing the Schedule (finalizing your actual schedules)

*Every session is followed by a PowerScheduler Lab. Participants may also opt into unlimited virtual coaching support in between sessions.

What Do Classes Look Like?

All onsite sessions are designed to be interactive and will take place at Macro Connect’s training facilities in Detroit on a bimonthly basis. Participants will attend small group (max. 10 participants), content focused seminars with the option to partake in work sessions called PowerScheduler Labs that immediately follow instruction. This learn-then-do model allows participants to immediately apply the knowledge gained during each session to work through actual scheduling scenarios that are unique to their school setting(s).  Each combination of seminar and lab last approximately 3 hours.

For administrators that cannot make the onsite sessions, a virtual version of the series is available and follows the same curriculum and format, but will be conducted using online conferencing software.

How Much Does it Cost?

PowerScheduler Training + Labs + Unlimited Remote Support

When: face-to-face begins April 11th (1-4 pm) and occurs biweekly, online begins April 13th (9 am-12 pm) and occurs weekly

$6900/school for up to 2 participants in either the online or face-to-face sessions. Pricing covers participation in all 5 content seminars, PowerScheduler Labs, and access to expert-led remote support in between training and lab dates. This option is ideal for administrators who would like additional coaching and help with their school's scheduling scenarios outside of the group setting.

PowerScheduler Training + Labs (in-person)

When: begins April 11th (1-4 pm) and occurs biweekly

$2900/school for up to 2 participants to attend the face-to-face sessions. Pricing covers participation in all 5 content seminars and PowerScheduler Labs.

PowerScheduler Training + Labs (virtual)

When: begins April 13th (9 am-12 pm) and occurs weekly

Online seminars = $2495/school for up to 2 participants. Pricing covers participation in all 5 content seminars and PowerScheduler Labs, all conducted virtually. 

Ready to power through next year's schedules? Fill out the interest form to get the process started and to reserve your place! If you want to participate but have scheduling conflicts, let us know in the form. 

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