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Five questions to ask your IT provider:

  1. Do you provide an annual assessment of our technology environment or do you at least have an annual technology plan?
  2. Do you know if last night's backup completed successfully and are you able to just check your e-mail each morning to find out?
  3. Do you understand our business and its unique requirements?
  4. How have you tailored our technology environment to meet these requirements?
  5. Is our company's confidential information safe from attacks from hackers and intrusion from unauthorized employees? How do you safeguard it?

If your current resource answered no to any (or all) of these questions, can't provide you with an adequate answer that you can easily understand, or aren't even available to talk to you, contact us.

We will meet with you, analyze and assess your technology environment, and explain what makes Macro Connect so different.

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“On an annual basis, we sit down with Macro Connect and review what our current and future needs are.  Macro Connect works with us to make sure we are ahead of the curve to properly preserve and protect our data and so that our firm is working efficiently from a technological standpoint.  The annual audit as well as Macro Connect’s response time has been invaluable to our firm.”

Patricia Nemeth, President -- Nemeth Law, P.C.

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Our mission is to help your organization achieve breakthrough performance through technology. Learn more about our work.

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With over 100 years of combined technology experience, we innovate around industry specific problems and opportunities. Meet our team.